Black & Grey Techniques


This in-depth tattoo training video takes you through the steps needed to create an amazing Black & Grey tattoo. The video tutorial is ideal for artists with some tattoo experience, all the way to those with years in the business. Along the way you’ll learn many tips, techniques, and tricks to transform your tattoo work into something special. A kicking soundtrack and detailed shots make this video fun and functional. It’s a valuable how-to tool that will help you to grow as a tattoo artist.

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About the Artist
Ram Lee has been tattooing professionally for over 19 years. He’s been invited as a guest artist to some of the most influential tattoo conventions in North America. He has trained under notable artists including Tom Renshaw, Brian Everett, and BobTyrell. Ram specializes in Black & Grey, portraits & realism, big color work and Japanese-style tattoos. His passion for sharing his knowledge gives you an insider’s look at what it takes to make a Black & Grey tattoo stand out from all the rest.

Ram Lee is sponsored by Eternal Tattoo Supplies and NeoTat Tattoo Machines. You can find out more about Ram and view his art at

Tutorial Sample
1. Introduction
2. Stencil Making
3. Stencil Application
4. Outlining
5. Shading 1
6. Shading 2
7. Detailing
9. Highlighting
10. Final Tattoo
Running time: 49:17


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